Energy has many names Prana in India, Chinese called it as Chi, Ki in Japanese, Baraka in Islam, Pneuma in Greek , Ka in Egypt and etc. The different names of energy are just different views and understanding of energy. There is a story of the three blind people trying to understand an elephant and they are all holding various parts of the elephant. None of them are wrong, so they have a different version of describing what an elephant is, but they are only understanding a small part of the elephant. The same is true with the many names of Energy.

Everything including us humans and the universe is made up of energy not matter. We all know that humans are made up of atoms and the scientists say that if you look deep into how atoms work, you will see there are only energy waves there. Atoms are invisible force, which emit waves of electrical energy and light. Atoms are constantly absorbing and emitting energy and light even when we are at rest. At the deepest level we are the universe in the human form. Chemical reactions within our body, besides liberating energy and producing heat are emitting small numbers of atoms and elementary particles of light. We are all everything, and if broken down to the molecular level, are all made up of, emit, and absorb energy!

Everything — Including the Human Body — is Made of Energy
Human body is made of Energy too!

Peter Baksa, author of Faith wave (Amazon’s Best seller in Quantum Mechanism) explained in his book that , when we build a house we need a framework to build it on. Everything in the universe is the same. We live in a vast sea of energy. And as we know everything including us is made up of atoms. And all the atoms, every subatomic particle are in constant motion. The cells on our body are in constant motion.

All the planets, stars, galaxies etc. are in motion.And Motion requires energy. So what is governing this motion? Scientist named this energy source as Zero Point Field energy ( ZPF ). Scientist and Physicts Harold Puthoff ( Author of Mind-Reach), calculated that ZPF drive the motion of all particles of matter in the Universe, and that in turn , the sum of the particle motions throughout the Universe generates the Zero-Point Fields. This ZPF energy fills the cosmos including what appears to the naked human eye as the vacuum between the planets and stars. The ZPF is composed of visible and invisible light of different wavelengths. The concept of Zero Point field energy was proposed by Albert Einstein and Otto stern in 1913. It was further studied by Max Planck through an experiment called Casimir Effect to prove the existence of ZPF energy. And the source of all Energy healing treatments like Reiki , Angelic Reiki , Shamanic Healing , Pranic healing etc originates from the zero point field energy. The zero Point field, or Universal Life Force energy also provides a medium through which energy in the form of distance healing can be delivered instantaneously to remote recipients. If the universe is holographic, then universal Life Force Energy can be transmitted instantaneously across time and space. This could explain the mechanism behind such phenomena as distance healing treatments and the power of prayer to heal physical illness.

Experiment conducted by Max Planck to prove the existence of Zero Point Field energy.

Energy healing treatments help to restore a balanced flow of life force universal energy through all parts of the human energy field, and throughout the physical body. Modern medicine is familiar with the body’s energy field and uses both diagnostically and for treatment. The fields most commonly documented are the bio-electrical field around the heart, the brain and the muscles. These are best known by the technologies that measure them, the Electrocardiogram, the Electroencephalogram and the Electromyogram. Science has also identified fields around the retina, the nerves, some organs , such as ovaries and some glands. Doctors are now using some forms of energy, such as vibrational sound energy, light and lasers. For example, pulses of infrared light can treat depression by stimulating a patient’s vagus nerve and static magnets are being used to alleviate pain or break up scar tissue. So when Energy healers talk about healing by interacting with the energy field, they are talking about something that’s measurable, well documented and increasingly becoming part of the mainstream.

Mystics of many traditions worldwide throughout history have described universal fields of intelligent life force energy in their creation, myths and used various forms of this energy in their healing practices. Reiki energy treatments follow in this long and honored worldwide tradition. In the old testament, God’s first words on the day one of creation were, “Let there be light”. The Greek myth of the Goddess Gaia begins with the image of the Goddess whirling out of darkness, wrapped in flowing white veils. Hindu term Bramhand, view the original creation as swirls forming in a sea of milk, a metaphorical representation of an energy field, precipitating matter from the void. The kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition that began around 538 B.C refers to this same primal sea of energy as the astral light or Ain Soph Aur. The idea of a universal field of energy had been accepted by every ancient culture on earth called Spirit, Prana, Chi, Aether or some other name. It was believed in many religions ,the primordial energy that sparks and sustains all creations.

Energy Healing is all about accepting that you are an energetic being. A being that is much more complicated than just a physical body . And just as we take care of our physical bodies, we need to take care of our energetic body as well. And as an Energy Practitioner , I can help you declutter your mind, body and soul with a healing method called Angelic Reiki.

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