Throughout the centuries various well known Prophets , healers, intuitives, religious orders , visionaries and artists, all spoke about the presence of Angels. Angels are beautiful beings of Light , created in the mind of God our Creator.

Although many religions speak of angels, they do not belong to any particular sect. They are truly nondenominational. Angels are beings made of particles of Light that have a purer, higher frequency , vibration or dimension than ours. A vast energetic expression of the Divine, God, creator, Source whatever word you prefer to use to describe the vast universal energy that was present in the creation of the universe, our planet Earth and us.

According to science, everything is made of Photons. The term photon( from Greek phos, photos , Light } is a subatomic particle which have no electrical charge. Photons or quanta field particles which are thought to be the carriers of all energies from high energy gamma and X-rays, through visible light to low energy infrared and radio waves. Regardless of frequency , all photons travel at the speed of light.

So why should we care about Photons?
Everything is made of photons! The human bodies consists of photons as well. One of the greatest scientist Sir. Albert Einstein , stated light {Photon} enters the earth at an angle. These photons are referred to as Angles of Lights. Einstein also stated , these photons are messenger particle which are capable of storing, sending and receiving information. This is based on science and not belief. Religions like Christianity , which believes in Angels, Islam where angels are called as Malak , also Judaism and Hinduism where angels are referred to as Devas or Gandharvas , states Angles of Light ( Divine Light ) ,are messengers and or carriers of Electromagnetic energy. Science says Angles of Light , photons are messengers or carriers of electromagnetic energy. Angles of light are the messenger of God/Source who aid when they are observed by penetrating the material body, with light energy that can increase an individual’s frequency. These messengers carry light, send light or store light. Electromagnetic energy is a term used to describe the different kinds of energies released into space by starts such as Sun. Electromagnetic waves carry energy , momentum and angular momentum away from their source particles responsible for All electromagnetic interactions.


That Angles of light , ANGELS , are the primary particles { messengers } which carry light energy {Spirit} from the Source (GOD)and are able to transfer (minister) this energy (Spirit) by penetrating matter (Body) in specifically the pineal gland in the brain , which is also said to the third eye chakra.

The root word ” Ang” means to bend( curve or arch) and the word “El” is a shining light. This is significant because knowing this helps us to know the word “Angel” differently or perhaps scientifically. This helps us to view the word “Ang-El” or an Angel as an associated word meaning “bending of light”. Thereby angel is the relative to the word angle, which means to bend and is defined as the spaces between the intersecting lines.

The angle of the light serves as the courier of the light, and thereby the Angel is the messenger of light. In essence you can view this as saying the Angel is the messenger of God/Creator because God is Light and associating Angel as “Angle of Light”.